Friday Photos – Pristina Train Station

Kosovo was the last of the Balkan countries that I visited. I journeyed there overland from Albania in 2017 and left by train to Skopje.

Pristina Station, Platform Side​
Pristina Station, Platform Side

In fact the only train running in the fledgling nation is from Pristina that goes close to the border with North Macedonia.

Here are some photos from that journey.

You can see some video of our locomotive change by clicking LOCO & MOTIVE

You can read about this journey and all my train journeys in all the other Balkan countries in my book Travelling By Train Across The Balkans that is available from Amazon.

Featuring Train Travel in Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Northern Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, & European Turkey


  1. Pristina is so amazing 🙂 missing this city, in fact I miss all the Balkans 🙂 PedroL

    1. I miss them too. I should read my book again or look at all my photos.

      1. eheh you should, memories are these days an extra motivation 🙂 regards, PedroL

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