Friday Photo – Che Guevara Monument, Santa Clara, Cuba

I visited Che’s monument in 2017.

Santa Clara was where Che masterminded a defining victory in the Cuban Revolution against the corrupt leadership.

He and a small band of comrades managed to blow up a train carry munitions down south to Santiago where the revolutionaries were based.

If the train had arrived, the government forces would surely have wiped out all their adversaries and the course of history would have been changed.

As it happened, Che’s successful mission was the beginning of a great victory for the revolutionaries and the people.

Che Guevara Statue, Santa Clara, Cuba


  1. I once speculated in a post who had the most secular statues in the World. Before they were taken down it might have been Stalin or Franco. Kemal Ataturk is a contender but I decided upon Garibaldi. What do you think?

    1. Great question. I guess Gandhi has many in India and a few elsewhere, Queen Victoria throughout the Commonwealth perhaps. Wonder who had most out of Stalin & Lenin before the dismantling?

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