Drip by Drip – A Thriller Set In Cambodia

Drip by Drip Book, Amazon - a thriller set in Cambodia
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Every so often you visit a country that really touches you.

I do not mean that you have a great time – that is usually a given. I mean a destination that gets you thinking deeply, makes you unusually emotional and ekes a way into your very heart and soul.

Cambodia is one of a handful of countries that has had that effect on me.

I was totally beguiled by the ever so smiley people, enthralled by the stunning sights that lay within, but completely sickened by what I learned about the abhorrent Khmer Rouge regime of the mid-late seventies.

Those smiley people that crossed my path were the survivors and descendents of the most cruel and unjust dictatorship imaginable, comparable with the worst human atrocities of the last few centuries.

They live in a poor but beautiful country that is now happily back on its feet. I will remember them and their homeland for ever.

Lake, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. A beautiful country with a scarred past
Lake in Siem Reap Province

Drip by Drip

Cambodia inspired me to write.

I left the amazing nation with thoughts sketched on my mind for a fictional book that would touch on that unsavoury past perpetrated by monsters, mixed with a whole new breed of demons born of the turmoil that followed.

‘Drip by Drip’ is that book. It is the story of a middle-aged couple who visit South East Asia to rekindle past adventures from their carefree lives before parenthood and bereavement took hold.

Unwittingly they lock horns with a ruthless criminal organisation, and what ensues tears their world asunder.

‘Drip by Drip’ is available from Amazon as an e-book and paperback.

Drip by Drip front cover, Amazon - a thriller set in Cambodia

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