Safe Travels in 2021 – Staying Closer To Home (London & Manchester)

It is great news that we seem to be drawing a little closer to all being vaccinated against Covid-19. However, if you are like me, I will be cautious before I rush out and book any of the trips that I would love to make to far flung places.

Luckily in the UK we have some brilliant city break options, such as London or Manchester, without having to leave the country.

In addition thanks to Eurostar, we have some fabulous destinations that we can easily reach by train.

Well worth the effort in visiting even with restrictions and safety guidance to adhere to. Donning a mask and social distancing are not too much of an inconvenience compared to the fun you can have.


For many including me, London is a natural first choice when it comes to an iconic city for a short break.

You don’t even need to book up loads of expensive events. London is brilliant for just strolling amongst instantly recognisable landmarks.

For example, you can start out at Buckingham Palace, walk though beautiful St James’s Park with its family of pelicans and countless other wildlife, before emerging at Horse Guards Parade.

From there it is a short walk to Downing Street, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square.

Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament taken from a Thames riverboat, London
Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament taken from a Thames riverboat

Once restrictions are lifted, London entertainment is second to none. The West End is home to a multitude of atmospheric theatres, vibrant music venues and lively restaurants, all steeped in history.

Kiosks in Leicester Square can provide you with discounted tickets at short-notice if you get the urge to take in a fabulous musical or play.


For something very different I recommend Manchester.

The great North West city has a totally different feel to the capital. Earthier and perhaps more welcoming, the great industrial powerhouse has undergone quite a transformation in recent years.

Typical of this is the formerly shabby Northern Quarter with its rundown warehouses and rubbish-strewn canal, which is now an uber-trendy area stuffed with eclectic eateries, funky shops, avant-garde art galleries and the type of bars that you want to live in.

It is also home to some of the best street art anywhere. Many of the world’s most famous urban artists have left their mark in what has become a tourist attraction in its own right.

Manchester is also hardly lacking in the entertainment stakes with music venues galore. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket the city is of course also home to two of the world’s best football teams.

Those two great UK cities may be enough to assuage any immediate craving for travel.

If you do wish to go a little further afield, the likes of Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam can all be reached by train from London in two to four hours.

It sounds like I have the makings of a plan!

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  1. My first travel plan for 2021 is to walk Hadrian’s Wall

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