Friday Photos – Baku Architecture, Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan

A year ago I was readying myself for a trip to Georgia and on by train from Tbilisi to Baku. 2020 has given us all a feeling of lost opportunities and a strong desire to explore again. Until we are truly able we have to make do with wonderful memories of past trips and hoped for dreams of making new ones.

The trip 12 months ago was brilliant and here are a few examples of Baku’s amazing architecture that I snapped whilst there.

The Deniz Waterfront Building & The Caspian Sea
The Deniz Waterfront Building & The Caspian Sea
Crystal Hall, Baku
Crystal Hall, Baku
Carpet Museum, Baku
Carpet Museum, Baku
Flame Tower, Baku
The Flame Towers by Day
Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
Heydar Aliyev Center
Baku National Stadium, Azerbaijan
Baku National Stadium
Flame Towers, Baku
The Flame Towers by Night


  1. I especially like the carpet museum.

    1. Didn’t go in. There is an ongoing competition between Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan to have the worlds biggest carpet & biggest flag. The ‘honour’ keeps changing hands!

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