Sunday Photos – Kaliningrad, Russia

I should be in St Petersburg now at the start of a long anticipated trans-Mongolian rail adventure to Beijing.

Sadly that has been put back until March 2021, though with Mongolia’s border shut like a clam for the foreseeable future, who knows when it might actually happen.


This means that Kaliningrad remains the only part of Russia that I have been to as yet.

Kaliningrad as actually an enclave on the Baltic coast sandwiched between Poland & Lithuania. It is strategically and economically important to Russia as the base of its Baltic fleet and the area where 90% of the world’s amber is mined.

I travelled there in 2014 on a 72-hour visa from Gdansk, en route to Minsk in Belarus.

Here are a few pictures of my time there.

Foxtrot Submarine, Kaliningrad, Russia
Me & A Foxtrot Submarine


  1. So sorry the trip is delayed. Hope you get a chance to go in March and that it’s worth the wait.

    1. We may end up doing the whole line to Vladivostok instead of visiting Mongolia & China. Not quite what we wanted but still very exciting.

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