My Favourite Travel Photos – 11 to 15

What’s the point in taking photographs?

This is the second in my series of favourite travel photos based on the memories they evoke and one or two that I consider passably decent.

I am presenting them in clusters of five and today show my third favourite quartile.

River Vltava, Charles Bridge & Prague Castle – 2019

Prague Castle at Night, August 2019

Prague Castle at Night

I first went to Prague in 1992 and it was love at first sight with me returning seven times in the ensuing fifteen years, during which the country changed from austere Czechoslovakia to the EU country of the Czech Republic.

My favourite sight was this nighttime scene with the perfect colourful reflection of the castle complex shown in the River Vltava.

So many times I failed to do it justice with dozens of inadequate attempts.

I fell out of love with the Czech capital in 2007 as my visit was blighted by crowds of tourists and around a dozen stag/hen parties.

2019 saw me return for two business trips and I finally got a shot I was fairly happy with – and using an iPhone at that.

Happily I rekindled my love for the great Bohemian city too, now the capital of Czechia.

Bus Journey from Fauske to Narvik, Norway – 2018

Fauske to Narvik Bus Journey, Norway

Somewhere North of Fauske

This is my favourite ever bus journey, that I took in ’89 & ’92 with different great friends and for a third time most recently with Mrs Wilbur.

I could have chosen any number of shots from that January 2018 trip inside the Arctic Circle but have plumped for this one that encapsulates the beautiful frozen scene that we encountered along the way.

The Grounds of Le Méridien, Mauritius – 2007

These shots were taken on a trip that I booked for Mrs Wilbur’s fortieth birthday.

I am not normally one for a relaxing trip to a paradise location, but this holiday was to be truly memorable with me spending longer remaining in the vicinity of a hotel than I have ever done before or since.

The setting right on the Indian Ocean was majestic as these three pictures in differing lights attest.

The Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan – 2018

The Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

The Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Samarkand is one of those place names that gets the pulses racing in a similar way to Timbuktu, Casablanca or Tangiers. An exotic location that only real travellers or Michael Palin get to. At least that’s how it used to be.

Now firmly off the exclusively hippy trail and on everybody’s bucket list, Uzbekistan is a wonderful country with the Registan of Samarkand undoubtedly the jewell in its gem encrusted crown.

And yes, being there lives up to every possible expectation. Especially as it was virtually free of visitors for my visit in October 2018.

That will not be the case overly often – follow Sophie on Twitter to read and see everything you could wish to know about the Silk Route centrepiece @UZAmbassador

The Moldovan Countryside – 2011

Moldovan Countryside Near Chisinau

Moldovan Countryside Near Chisinau

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe with the former Soviet deploying agricultural methods from a bygone age. This means single horsepower as opposed to hundreds and manual labour in the fields.

I snapped this shot on a independent excursion out of the capital Chisinau, and absolutely love the shot and all it represents.

I have named it Giant Haystacks and when I look at it I always wonder about the destination of the load. Animal bedding or feed? Thatch for somebody’s home? Wicker furniture perhaps?

Who knows, but I think it makes for a fine shot and a reminder of how ways used to be.

My second favourite quintet are coming soon.

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