Monday Morning Blues – Lake Ohrid Fisherman, North Macedonia

I visited Lake Ohrid in 2006.

The place was legendary for its rare albino peacock, which was living in the grounds of a monastery by the lake.

Such was the rarity of the bird that the town of Ohrid contained countless postcards, giftware, posters etc. of the red-eyed beast.

We went in search of him, but having covered the entire grounds all we spotted were the normal type strutting around and screeching.

We eventually found out that it was in fact an ex-albino peacock, having drawn its last breath a few months before we arrived.

The locals were however trying to keep it to themselves. There were gifts to shift and Alby was to Lake Ohrid what Nessy is to Loch Ness.

I do however believe that the rare albino peacock did exist and that the photos were genuine, unlike those I have seen of the Scottish monster.

Fisherman, Lake Ohrid

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