Labour Day Laos Style

Yesterday was Labour Day or International Workers Day throughout the world, a day to celebrate the lot of workers & to reflect on the fruits that their labours bring, whilst also honouring the rights of workers to divide their working day into three lots of eight hours, one for work, one for recreation and one for rest.

Her are a few Laotian occupations that I came across in 2010….

Laos Workers

Fast Food Operative, LaosFast Food Operative

Washer Up, Laos

Washer Up
Water Carrier & Cyclo Driver, LaosWater Carrier & Cyclo Driver
Waitress, LaosWaitress
Dancer, LaosDancer
Teacher, LaosTeacher
Boatman, LaosBoatman
Fishermen, LaosFishermen
Broom Maker, LaosBroom Maker
Cook, LaosCook
Artist, LaosArtist
Craftswomen, LaosCraftswomen
Paper Maker, LaosPaper Maker
Weaver, LaosWeaver
Mahout, LaosMahout
Fisherman, LaosFisherman
Masseuse, LaosMasseuse
Air Hostess, LaosAir Hostess
Florist, LaosFlorist
Monk, LaosMonk
Stall Holder, LaosStall Holder
Egg Seller, LaosEgg Seller
Cookery Teacher, LaosCookery Teacher
Market Trader, LaosMarket Trader
Ferry Woman, LaosFerry Woman
Shop Keepers, LaosShop Keepers
Trainee Air Traffic Controller, LaosTrainee Air Traffic Controller
Labourers, LaosLabourers
Greengrocer, LaosGreengrocer

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