A-Z April Challenge (Cities Visited) – F for Frankfurt

I actually intended to blog about the Moroccan city of Fes, but found that I have virtually no digital photographs. A great shame as Fes is one of my favourite cities ever visited.

Fes Tanneries, Morocco

Fes Tanneries, Morocco

I visited the German city of Frankfurt on a business trip and as I had a few hours to kill, decided to take a stroll.

The official name of the city is Frankfurt am Main as it is situated on the banks of the Main River. Despite the fairly boring image that I had of the city, I was pleasantly surprised.

Frankfurt-am-Main Photographs

Frankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, GermanyFrankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, Germany

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, Germany

Frankfurt, Germany

The city beginning with the letter F that I would most like to visit that I haven’t yet? Fuji in Japan (more to see the mountain and be in the country itself where I am yet to go, rather than the city itself).

How about you?

Look out for G tomorrow.


  1. I have been to Fes but not to Frankfurt.
    My guess for G is Granada, Genoa or Gdansk.
    If I was doing the challenge it would be Guimarães in Portugal.

    1. 3 great places. Wrong continent!

      1. BAH!

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