The Power of Leisure

The music venues, theatres, pubs, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, sports clubs, leisure attractions, gyms, cinemas, festivals, events and the like are businesses first and foremost of course, but more than that they are the well-being of a nation.

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Without them our lives would of course be infinitely poorer.

In this unprecedented time for us all, even some of our largest and best known are facing an uncertain future, as are the millions who work for them, as well all know.

I sincerely hope that governments everywhere can take action to ensure the continuation of such businesses to be ready to feed our well-being again once all of this blows over.

President Macron has stated that ‘no business in France large or small will be allowed to fail because of the virus.’ He probably doesn’t know quite how, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were the case?

In the meantime, many of us will have paid for tickets to events that will no longer happen. If you can afford it, please consider foregoing a refund or at worst get a credit note that can be used to book a future event at the same venue.

Every small gesture can help.

The leisure industry, we salute you!


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