Four Unique Travel Experiences in China

Guest post by Jordan Greene.

Four Uniques Travel Experiences in China

A country as vast as China has so much to offer travellers that it can be overwhelming to pin down just a handful of things to make up your holiday itinerary – or even to plan a longer trip taking in more of the beautiful landscape.

That’s why, for expansive countries like China, it’s often worth taking an organised tour, which can whisk you between must-see destinations and even take care of your accommodation and food.

So then all you need to do is concentrate on enjoying this Asian wonder. But whether you go for the pre-planned route or wing it on your own, there are a few places that you simply can’t miss…

 Trekking the Great Wall

The Great Wall of ChinaSource:

Although it can’t actually be seen from the moon (sorry Robert Ripley, you were wrong about that one), there’s no denying that the Great Wall of China is mesmerizingly long.

Thought to measure somewhere between 13,000 and 15,000 miles in length, it’s a sight to behold, and reason alone to travel to China.

Most organised tours of China include a visit to the Great Wall, but it is also possible to go it alone or by private tour. The wall can be reached in a two-hour drive from Beijing, and from there you can decide to do a day hike or perhaps a much longer one.

Spotting the Chengdu pandas

Chengdu Pandas, ChinaSource:

No trip to China would be complete without seeking out some of these bamboo-munching bears!

Situated in the middle of China, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is the best place to pay these guys a visit. There are ample opportunities to see both cub and adult giant pandas at the park, as well as red pandas. Plus, there are on-site restaurants, as well as education facilities so you can make a full day of it, learning lots about these magnificent creatures.

Be in awe of the Warriors in Xian (The Terracotta Army)

Terracotta Army, Xian, ChinaSource:

These life-sized terracotta warrior statues have become an iconic symbol of China around the world – unsurprising, really, considering the sheer number of them that are squeezed into this place!

The site in Xian is one of the greatest archeological sites in the modern world, and it’s home to hundreds of these impressive statues.

It took 720,000 builders to make the soldiers, which are said to protect the First Emperor, Qin Shihuang, in the afterlife. There is now a limit on how many tourists can visit the site each day due to its popularity, so the best way to guarantee yourself entry is to book on with a tour – that way you can also enjoy a knowledgeable guide’s expertise, too – or be sure to arrive early to avoid missing out.

Speed around on the bullet train

Bullet Train, ChinaSource:

Whether you’re short on time or not, a trip on a bullet train is a must in this part of the world. And it’s because of China’s vast high-speed train network (some 18,000 miles of it) that it’s even possible to see much of the country in one trip.

One of the most popular routes is between the two huge cities of Beijing and Shanghai, which, although 819 miles apart, can be travelled between in just four and a half hours.

Of course, if you’re into train travel, you’ll have to add a ride on the bullet train between Beijing and Hong Kong to your bucket list, too. Stretching an incredible 1,516 miles, it is the longest high-speed railway line in the world.

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