Sunday Photo – Greek Orthodox Holy Friday Procession, London

Today is Easter Sunday in the Eastern Orthodox Church and here is a photo that I took on the Holy Friday in Crystal Palace, London.

Father George of the St Constantine & St Helen Church leads the congregation through the streets around the church as Christ’s Epitaph bedecked in fresh flowers is carried by worshippers.

Greek Orthodox Holy Friday Procession, London

Greek Orthodox Holy Friday Procession, London

Everybody should try and witness Easter week in Greece at least once, even if you are not particularly religious.

It is a marvellous & unique experience, a mix of mourning, remembrance, reverence, gratitude and great celebration, followed by much feasting & revelry on Easter Sunday.

I have experienced it in Rhodes, Spetses, Santorini & Athens and it is truly memorable. Read more about what you can expect to see on the Why Athens site.

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  1. ALICIA GARCIA · · Reply

    Hi, I appreciate that the greek Orthodox procession is unusual, but have you been in Sevilla in Semana Santa-Easter week. It is mind blowing and 100.000 times bigger and reacher than the greek one.

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