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This is a very painful post for me. Very recently we lost our best friend in the whole world – Olivia, our 11 year-old poodle.

Some people may not fully understand this statement, but many more will. In either case, we had some fabulous travels with our Oli and have 11 years of truly fabulous memories to look back on.

Highlights included two trips by car up to Scotland, holidays in Pembrokeshire & Snowdonia, visits to the Lake District, Peak District, Devon, Cornwall, Yorkshire, Northumberland, New Forest, Suffolk, Sussex, Essex and the Cotswolds, plus countless UK city trips to the likes of Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Chester, Cambridge, London, Edinburgh & Hereford.

Oli even went abroad to France visiting Rouen, rural Normandy, Mont-Saint-Michel and Honfleur amongst others.

She travelled on steam trains twice, a ferry, inter-city train, Le Shuttle and in countless cars as both backseat & front-seat passenger.

Here are some of Olivia’s photographic travel highlights.


On Le Shuttle to France

Olivia our beloved Poodle, born Coventry 17/12/07 & passed away in Bletchingley, Surrey 23/1/19.

Rest In Peace our Lion-heart.


  1. Sharon latham · · Reply

    A well travelled pooch ,you made her life special as she made yours , our dogs are more than dogs they become our life as important as our children and often more grateful.RIP Olivia x

    1. Thanks Sharon. If humans had half the attributes of dogs the world would be an infinitely better place. Will.

  2. David Walker · · Reply

    Truly we are kindred spirits, writers, City Blues but above all else, we absolutely adore and love our beautiful canine companions 💙🐾🐾💙😍 I know and feel your grief, pain and utter desolation at losing one so dearly loved. My heart goes out to you both in these desperate times. Equally, you’ve shared a love unconditional with a very very special little lady in your life. Cherish those wonderful memories of truly exquisite times 💙💔🙏🏻

    1. Lovely words Dave and so true. Thanks buddy. Will

  3. That’s a beautiful tribute, Will. What happy memories you have. RIP little Oli.

    1. Thanks Julia. A piece of us is missing forever for sure. Will.

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