A-Z April Challenge

With April 2018 now a memory it is time to reflect on my 3rd A-Z Challenge.

Year One was Amsterdam to Zurich as cities visited was my theme, to be followed by transportation from Aeroplane to Zeppelin and finally this year’s theme – sights I had seen on my travels.

26 blog posts in 30 days – here is a recap of my choices.

Abu Simbel in Egypt

Borobudur, Indonesia

Colca Canyon, Peru

Duomo, Milan

Elephant Village in Laos

French Quarter, New Orleans

Geghard Monastery, Armenia

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Vietnam

Inca Trail, Peru

Jerash in Jordan

Kennedy Space Center, USA

Luna Valley, Bolivia

Mekong River

Norias of Hama, Syria

Old Cataract Hotel, Egypt

Prambanan, Indonesia

Qa’lat Najm, Syria

Royal Palace, Cambodia

St Simeon’s Monastery, Syria

Tuol Sleng, Cambodia

Uros Islands, Peru

Volubilis, Morocco

Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok

X Marks The Spot, Balaclava Submarine Base, Crimea

Yad Vashem, Israel

Zebras of Africa


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