Norway – Two Firsts

We are coming to the end of a simply fabulous short tour of Norway.

We started in Oslo, flew on to Trondheim, undertook a nine hour train ride to Fauske, a five hour bus trip to Narvik (a quick train jaunt to Abisko in Sweden) and finally another five hour bus journey to Tromsø.

The snowy journeys were amazing and will be blogged about in the coming weeks.

In the past two days we have gone sledding with both huskies & reindeer. Cheap, no, wonderful, most definitely!


  1. Looks like fun, I look forward to the posts!

    1. It’s amazing. Eye wateringly expensive though as well – budget shot to pieces!!!!

      1. A few years ago I found some very cheap January flights to Haugesund and I snapped them up. I thought we would have a cheap weekend away but I forgot to factor in the absurdly high cost of living!

      2. At least the mountain air is free!

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