Balkans Tour 2017 – Statues of Skopje

Like that well known sticky brown yeast spread, you will either love or hate Skopje.

There is no denying that a visit is a memorable experience. There are more statues there than the Louvre, British Museum & Uffizi put together! Here are a few examples.


  1. Hmmm! Some of my favourite street art statues are in Bratislava and Wroclaw, what about you?

    1. Bratislava most definitely, not been to see the little folk of Wroclaw yet. There were some good ones in Timisoara (post to come) and the ones outside the circus in Minsk were great (on my blog somewhere!). As for Skopje, it amazes me they have the most intact aqueduct in the Balkans but ignore it in favour of a Slavic Vegas!

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