The Pristina Express

A train journey in Kosovo taken from, a blog dedicated to foreign train travel.

On Track

When Pristina was just a moderate city in Yugoslavia it was an outpost on a vast rail network with Belgrade at its hub and major transit points in Zagreb, Skopje, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Nis & Ploce.

Pristina itself saw trains running to Skopje, Belgrade (via Mitrovica) and throughout Kosovo. Following the break-up of Yugoslavia, the horrendous conflict and Kosovo’s self-proclaimed independence from Serbia in 2006, Trainkos was born to run the network in the fledgling nation.

With Serbia not recognising independence and dominating Kosovo’s borders, Trainkos did not have many international crossings to manage, save for a line to Skopje in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

There was however a domestic network to run, as shown in the graphic below.

Kosovo TrainsWhat Might Have Been……

Sadly, economics have dictated that only the route to the Macedonian border remains. Train infrastructure maintenance does not come cheap and buses are faster and…

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