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Fifty years ago, on 9th October 1967, the light went out on one of the most instantly recognisable faces of the 20th Century. Terrorist to some but revolutionary hero to so many more, Che will live forever in the hearts, minds and ideologies of many millions of normal people. With visionaries and activists like Che Guevara there is always hope for underdogs everywhere. Shine on Ernesto.

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Before I visited Cuba I had of course heard of Che Guevara. Now I feel I know him.

Che was born in Rosarioin 1928, Argentinian but part Irish through his paternal grandparents. All his life he struggled with asthma, but this did not stop him loving and playing rugby and qualifying as a doctor.

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara became disillusioned with the former colonial Americas, which were largely governed by corrupt dictators once the Spanish empire broke up.

His meeting with Fidel Castro was fate. Fidel had fled to Mexico in 1956 fearing for his life in his homeland. Che was already in the country cautiously spreading revolutionary rhetoric and there he met Fidel’s brother Raul, who impressed by Guevara’s views introduced him to his brother.


Che was soon welcomed into the July 26th movement, the name given to the revolutionary brothers in recognition of the date of the failed 1953…

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