Peterborough Cathedral

Did you know that Peterborough Cathedral was the original burial site of both Mary Queen of Scots and Catherine of Aragon? Me neither!

The Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew to give its proper name, is a stunning example of Norman architecture built in the 12th & 13th centuries. Along with the cathedrals in Ely & Durham, it is one of the UK’s finest surviving buildings from that era.

It is perhaps best known for its Gothic façade with its three enormous arches, being without architectural precedent. The appearance is slightly asymmetrical, as one of the two towers that rise from behind the façade was never completed (the tower on the right as one faces the building), but this is only visible from a distance.

Inside, the ceiling is absolutely stunning as you can see.

Until 3rd September there is a stunning exhibition Threads Through Revelation by Jacqui Parkinson.

The exhibition is a wonderful textile depiction of the weird and wonderful visions of ‘John’ as described in Revelations, the last book of the Bible.

The book gave us the ‘Four Horses of the Apocalypse’ and ‘Armageddon’ with Parkinson’s portrayal of angels, demons, sea monsters, lion headed horses breathing fire and scorpion tailed locusts ,amongst others, are vivid and colourful.

Over twelve million stitches and thousands of hours of painstaking craft well spent. Take a look at the link to see where the exhibition is headed next and catch it if you can.

Peterborough Cathedral2IMG_5358IMG_5353IMG_5351
I really enjoyed my brief visit and despite all the rich art and architecture on display, perhaps my favourite items were the old style radiators. The London Warming and Heating Company was founded in 1865 and went on to heat many cathedrals and churches across the country.


Whilst many have been replaced for more efficient modern versions, happily Peterborough is one of the few that have kept the originals.

Petreborough Cathedral


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  2. I knew about the Queens because I used to live quite close in Spalding. It is a lovely I but somewhat overlooked Cathedral. Good post.

    1. Peterborough’s high point for sure!

      1. And the football club of course!

  3. Thank you for the photos! I knew that Katherine of Aragon was there, but I hadn’t seen a photo before. 🙂

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