A Journey To Syria – Part Two

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The journey continues from part one……..

Ankara to Adana Depart 20.05 Scheduled Arrival 07.25, 674KM

Feeling a bit peckish we perused the menu. There is something really special about eating in the restaurant car of a train. I automatically think of Alan Whicker and Murder on the Orient Express, tuxedos & pianists & champagne whenever I frequent one at night.

This wasn’t as salubrious as that, but at least we had (fairly clean) white tablecloths and matching napkins. The not so smartly dressed waiter took our orders – lamb stew for me, rice with cheese for Hamish.

His choice was not an official menu item, but in the absence of veggie options he negotiated a meal of the rice from the stew dish and the cheese from the cheeseburgers.

My meal was delicious, but Hamish’s was pretty unexciting – bland rice with a processed cheese square plonked on top. Beer…

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