Slovenian Graffiti

One of the many impressive things that struck me on my recent visit to Ljubljana was the vibrant graffiti and street art.

Take a look for yourself……..




  1. Wow. These images are really interesting to see. Art can be found anywhere.

  2. I thought that the graffiti really spoilt Ljubljana especially along the banks of the river. Every year there is a city spring clean organised by the Ljubljana City Authorities as part of the annual activity “Za lepso Ljubljano” (For a Prettier Ljubljana). The operation cleans up three hundred and eighty square metres of river walls and also tidies city streets, passageways and parks as well as cleaning two kilometres of riverbed by divers.

    1. Amazing. Most of my pics were at disused factories that have become bohemian communities. Opinion is divided with some wanting them bulldozed and others loving them. I liked them, but of course don’t live with them every day.

      1. I have no time for graffiti anywhere, it shows disrespect for community and environment. I also hate lovelocks on bridges for the same reason!

      2. Ljubljana does both in abundance! Good job it has plenty of other redeeming features.

      3. I visited Ljubljana in 2007, I remember the graffiti but don’t recall a problem with lovelocks! What was your favourite thing about the city?

      4. The architecture and the bridges I think. The butchers bridge is now full of locks. The trees were great too though bare as i went last month.

  3. Spectacular….!

  4. No, there is nothing nice about that at all. I used to live in a blighted area like that

    1. I guess it’s easier for a visitor to like it and move on. Most of these were actually in derelict factories where communities have set up.

      1. It certainly doesn’t make for a nice residential environment. I rented a place in this building…
        It looked really nice but the council had a ‘grafitti tolerance zone’ right opposite – was an excuse for joyriding, smashing up cars, dumping trolleys etc. In fact , here it is although I have some much worse photos back at home!

      2. Sadly some always abuse a privilege and spoil genuine well meaning. I empathise with you.

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