Batty Girl, Havana


  1. Lovely young lady. Do you ask your subjects for their photos or just snap away? Always curious how people do it.

    1. Usually I ask but often take a surreptitious one too to get a natural rather than posed look. This one was a pose after I held the camera out and said “OK?” To which she nodded. Some have started with the $1 response to which I often offer a sweet instead for kids which usually suffices. Quite a few older people say no in my experience and I always respect that. The beauty of photographs is because you snap away digitally nowadays, you often find unexpected gems when you review back home. A photo on my Cuban transport post was of the horse and cart but look what I captured with the footballing boys by chance. What do you do? Wilbur.

      1. I don’t really have a hard fast rule. If I photo from afar I generally don’t ask. If I photo close up or with eye contact I usually ask or give a thumbs up or down. If I look like I am making anyone uncomfortable or they don’t say yes I never do it. There have been many a photo I wish I could have taken but didn’t because I think it would have made people uncomfortable. In my experience most kids love it. Sometimes they walk up and ask me to take their photo! Then they always want to see it to which I always oblige.

      2. Very rewarding when that happens. If you go to Cuba take pens, sweets and little bars of soap and bottles of shampoo like you get in hotels and you will get all the photos you want and friends for life too! Wilbur.

      3. Good advice

      4. I’m probably going to be staying stateside for a little bit what with our new bundle and all.

      5. Good luck and joy.

  2. So lovely!
    ….beautiful take!

    1. She made for an excellent and willing model!

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