Characters Of Havana Old Town

The whole of Cuba is home to some wonderful characters. From those that have witnessed pre-revolutionary hardships to the youngsters who have known nothing but the relative security of Fidel’s education, healthcare & welfare systems.

Havana Old Town is home to more than most…….




  1. Great selection. Looks like it tells the story of the real people of Cuba.

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  2. What wonderful portraits. You really gave us a great sense of these people’s personalities.

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  3. Great spots Wil. I especially like the one of the two boys chatting on the doorstep.

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    1. The one on the pavement had the tape from an old cassette. This was his toy and he clearly was playing with it for ages. I felt he got as much fun out of this as any Westerner would with computer games, probably more as he was exercising his imagination.

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