Characters Of Havana Old Town

The whole of Cuba is home to some wonderful characters. From those that have witnessed pre-revolutionary hardships to the youngsters who have known nothing but the relative security of Fidel’s education, healthcare & welfare systems.

Havana Old Town is home to more than most…….



  1. Great selection. Looks like it tells the story of the real people of Cuba.

  2. What wonderful portraits. You really gave us a great sense of these people’s personalities.

  3. Great spots Wil. I especially like the one of the two boys chatting on the doorstep.

    1. The one on the pavement had the tape from an old cassette. This was his toy and he clearly was playing with it for ages. I felt he got as much fun out of this as any Westerner would with computer games, probably more as he was exercising his imagination.

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