A-Z April Challenge – Spielfeldstraße

And following the Slovenian escapades, here is how the evening went down hill further once back in Austria……..

Wilbur's Travels

For my Letter M, I chose Maribor in the then Yugoslavia in the late ’80s, which is now part of Slovenia. I told the story of how we were refused entry and escorted back under armed-guard across the border into Austria. Could can read that account here.

Spielfeldstraße was the nondescript border town where we were left to our own devices. There was to be a twist in the tale………

The backdoor to the station was locked – oh no, you don’t say, surely not………

Thankfully the front door was open – we turned on the light to reveal two benches, a timetable and a closed ticket window.

Spielfeld-Strass The only ‘hotel’ in town!

The timetable confirmed our fears, eight hours until the first train out of there. We then eyed the benches again, resignedly imagining them as our uncomfortable beds for the night.

Poll had noticed some lights up the…

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  1. Never been to Maribor but I did almost get thrown off a train in Slovakia when trying to travel to Austria without my passport!

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    1. Think I read that account of yours. English charm no doubt paid dividends!

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