The Actimel Campaign, Kings Cross, London

Once in a long while something happens on your commute that makes you smile. 

A talented busker, an entertaining Big Issue seller or simply somebody giving up their seat for a person who appreciates the gesture. 

This morning as I arrived for my train to Peterboroug, a charming young man approached me with a loaded question, “would you like to win a mini convertible?”

A closed question with an easy answer – of course!

Next thing I knew I was wearing an Actimel jacket, go faster goggles and Biggles style scarf and was sat in said mini and shooting an 8 second video (not my finest hour – look at the camera you muppet!). You can see the epic on my Instagram account. 

My chances of winning are very slim of course, but I have a ticket. Whatever, my day has started very brightly. 

Thanks Actimel!

The break dancer definitely consumes pro-biotic drinks!

P.S. if it helps my winning chances at all, I do drink Actimel every day and I am prepared to jump as high as I can to prove it!

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  1. I do hope you win!

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