Cuba Libre

I got back from Cuba this morning after sixteen wonderful WIFI-free days. I have blisters on my camera clicking finger and a multitude of stories to tell. What a fabulous country!


  1. Wow! beautiful! we’re planning on visiting Cuba this year. I’m from Puerto Rico and I’ve always wanted to go. Any tips on the best way to get there? What type of visa etc?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. You are going at the right time as it will surely change. It is more expensive than I thought if paying in ‘tourist’ currency. You can pay for some things in local currency and as a native Spanish speaker you have a big advantage. You will need a tourist visa I think (we did) that you need to get before you travel. Watch my blog for plenty of Cuba articles.

      1. Will do– thank you!

  2. Fantastic images!

  3. Hope we see plenty of images!

    1. For sure, you will not believe how many I took. Cuba is a living breathing photo opportunity!

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