Worth The Distance: 7 Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List – Guest Post by Jordan Greene

Traversing the world is an ambition of most people at one point in their lives, with certain locations rising above the rest as spots people will want to check out before their time runs dry.
Today, we’re going to take a look at seven perhaps not so obvious but completely amazing destinations you need to add to your bucket list.

1. Sahara Desert – Various Nations

It’s not the desert itself you’ll want to check out – once you’ve seen one sand dune, you’ve seen them all – but rather the picturesque views you’ll catch at night.

The images you’ll receive of the night sky, which have a hypnotically beautiful impact on anyone who witnesses them, will leave you breathless.

Bright shades of blue, red and stark gold make this a scene worth absorbing at some point in your existence.

The Sahara Desert takes up a whopping 10% of the African continent. It’s so big and so hot, that it’s one of the largest uncivilized places on Earth. That means it’s a stargazers heaven, with no intrusive light to be found.

2. Galapagos Islands

Wildlife lovers simply have to give this spot a look-in, with the island made famous by the ‘origin of the species’ exploits of Charles Darwin, remaining as stunning today as it ever was.

This remote archipelago is a land of stark lava formations, cactus forests, lush green highlands, turquoise bays and quintessential tropical beaches.

The roots of evolution were first discovered here, and the diverse range of animals on show today make it clear as to why.

3. Zipolite – Mexico

Cancun may grab the headlines when it comes to beaches in Mexico, but this exotic resort offers all the same glitz and glamour, minus the rowdy groups of tourists.

Zipolite is a favourite among more alternative travellers who appreciate the town’s, shall we say, more relaxed approach to beach dress codes. While the idea of a beach which encourages a lack of clothing might seem daunting to some, it’s certainly worth giving a go.

Plus, Zipolite is among eight world destinations that hardly anyone knows about, so if you want to avoid the hordes, it’s well worth the trek.

4. Northern Lights – Finland

Lapland is a magical place thanks to the close ties it has formed with Christmas in the last century – but it’s made all the more wondrous by the presence of the Aurora Borealis (or ‘Northern Lights’).

You’re able to catch this other-worldly spectacle from the warmth and comfort of a Finnish igloo – which possess glass ceilings you can look out of and up to the majestic feat of nature unfolding in front of you.


5. Tara Canyon – Bosnia and Herzegovina

This appealing green landscape plays host to a canyon which is partially protected by UNESCO – such is the importance and natural beauty of the area.

You’ll be able to stay in villages all along the banks of the Tara, with a scenic rafting tour, which lasts three hours taking you most of the way along the banks of the narrow body of water. Unforgettable.

6. Ciudad Perdida – Colombia

With good reason Machu Picchu grabs the spotlight when it comes to ancient South American ruins, but the another gem is the Lost City (or Ciudad Perdida in the native tongue).

Ciudad Perdida (Spanish for “Lost City”) is the archaeological site of an ancient city in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada. It is believed to have been founded about 650 years earlier than its more famous relation in Peru.

While it takes a six-day trek to reach this spot, it’ll certainly be worthwhile. Very few tourists go there and although most of the stonework no longer remains, the setting is stunning.

7. Chang Mai – Thailand

Another area of immense natural wonder, Chang Mai is a relaxing change from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

An elephant park stands out as one of the crowning glories of this locale, with the animals here treated with respect and not forced to put on shows or give rides to tourists.

The Doi Suthep-Pui Park is also worth checking out, for the 300 bird and 2,000 plant species you’ll find there.

When thinking about your next holiday, why not consider one of these bucket list destinations? I promise you won’t be disappointed.


  1. I would easily take any one of the above. I will have to ask Santa for that this year!

  2. Very interesting post, with very beautiful photos!

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