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The beauty of having a smart phone on you at all times is that you always have a decent camera to hand should the opportunity present itself. 

As a frequent visitor to London for work, I often have the opportunity to snap something interesting. 

Yesterday for example I had a meeting at the RAC building in Pall Mall. What a great building it was too. 

Not only was the 1948 racing car on display, but a whole host of other motor sport and golfing memorabilia as well. 

You are welcome to go and have a moozy round if you are in the area. 

The building itself is nowadays mainly used as a gentleman’s establishment with bars, reading lounges and meeting rooms. 

There is even overnight accommodation available to members, I suspect with butler service optional!

All this is not exactly my cup of tea, but it did give me a nice reminder of some old colonial style hotels that I have visited/stayed in such as the Old Cataract in Aswan and the Baron in Aleppo, as well as the wonderful Jeeves & Wooster TV series. 

Having finished one meeting and having some time to kill before my next meeting in the City, I decided to hang around the Green Park area for a while. 

Fortnum & Mason windows never disappoint and this day was no exception. 

The theme was Alice in Wonderland, primarily promoting tea and other goodies that you could buy inside. 

Despite the glaring sun and growing numbers of tourists, I took a few passable pics before moving onto the Burlington Arcade. 

There they have an exhibition celebrating 100 years of Vogue Magazine. 

Giant reproductions of iconic early covers grace the vaulted glass ceiling of the famous shop-lined thoroughfare. 

All in all a decent few minutes had and not a penny spent!


  1. I love London.. discovering what’s new and going on. Always so much to absorb. I don’t take enough photos when go into central London. Great to see yours. Thanks for linking #citytripping

  2. There’s always something to see in London, I think, and Piccadilly is full of history and lovely spots like the Burlington Arcade. #citytripping

    1. That’s why I love watching Jeeves & Wooster because it uses those iconic locations and transforms them to the twenties. And its very funny too of course!

  3. Wow, the effort they put into the shop windows at Fortnum & Mason. Makes me feel the shop windows in Singapore are so boring…. #CityTripping

  4. I’ve had the Alice in Wonderland Tea shop pinned for a long time! I definitely want to go!! Did you have tea there? #CityTripping

  5. Wandering round London is just wonderful, great post!

  6. I love the window displays in London too! The RAC club photos put me in the mood for a cocktail – haha! #citytripping

  7. cool! I saw that window display in Fortnum&Mason too (two months ago) #city tripping

  8. I dropped by the RAC club earlier this year but wasn’t allowed in. There again I was part of a Stag weekend group wearing silly costumes!

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