France Part Eight, Le Fin – Champagne!!

The final knockings of our road and rail trip around France two years ago…..

Wilbur's Travels

It would be a fair reflection to say that Hautvillers was shut for the day!

We were doing the Vallée de la Marne Champagne route and this village was described as one of the region’s prettiest. Indeed it was, but it was also pretty much asleep.


The general store, cafe, restaurant, art gallery, tourist office, wine shop and gift shop all had closed signs emblazoned across their entrances.

IMG_5093 No Entry At The Cafe

No leisurely lunch to be had here as planned, but happily God’s House (Église Abbatiale) was open for our delectation, I mean contemplation.

Hautvillers is generally accepted as the place where Benedictine monk Dom Perignon created champagne and we were able to go in and see Dom’s final resting place in the church, signalled by a plaque extolling his God given deeds in finding the secrets of the fizz that had brought vast wealth to the region.

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  1. I am always perplexed by how French towns and villages can appear to be totally deserted!

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    1. We stumbled on a place near Verdun Gorge in the mountain where every shop was shut and the whole place deserted. We drove on to the next village and noticed a large crowd in a field. It turned out it was the local final of the village pétanque shield between the deserted village and this one!


      1. I am absolutely not surprised by that story. Something similar happened to me in a village near Zamora near Spain and what was worse was the shop was shut and I couldn’t get any wine!

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