France Part Quatre – Avignon

Continuing our French tour from two years ago. We now found ourselves in the Papal city of Avignon…….

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We breakfasted on fresh croissant, even fresher cherries and the kind of filter coffee that screams WAKE UP at you. Today was to become one of those instant recall days.

Pierre, our attentive/slightly fussy host, told us that today was market day in town. Our plans to stroll up to the Fort Saint-Andre and the adjoining Jardins de l’Abbaye Saint-Andre, were therefore delayed slightly to take in the one day per week marche.

It was a colourful artisan delight and bargain central at that. Every fruit and vegetable imaginable was available (and artistically arranged), as was a staggering variety of honey, jam, mushrooms, cheese, oil, vinegar, soap & wax creations, as well as incredibly tempting home-made pies, sausages, cakes and biscuits.


We could easily have bought a banquet’s worth, but satisfied ourselves with some more fresh cherries, together with some plump, juicy peaches. In what I am sure was a cunning plan…

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  1. I am always impressed with the vegetable displays in a French market.

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