Friday Photo 27

Today’s photograph was taken in February this year. It is a statue of Hans Christian Andersen.

Surprisingly it was not taken in Andersen’s home city of Copenhagen but was actually shot in Bratislava. Not sure of the relevance of the snail – can anybody enlighten me?


As an aside, I have read quite a bit about Andersen – what an eccentric character he was. I would thoroughly recommend a read of one of his biographies – you may be pretty surprised about what you learn of his life.


  1. Oh, I love eccentric characters!! Now you will have me scurrying to find a biography 🙂

    1. He had an amazing life and travelled extensively too. I recommend ‘Just as well I’m leaving’.

      1. Thanks. I made a note on my reading list to get it 🙂

  2. Love this photo!
    And i’ll look for some Andersen’s biografĂ­es …

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