Train Delay At Reigate

Mrs Wilbur was travelling home from Reigate in Surrey today when the all too familiar announcement came across the tannoy that scheduled trains were being delayed.

“What is it this time?” she thought to herself, “Staff shortages, signal problems, leaves on the track?”

For once it was a good reason – The Flying Scotsman, that most iconic of steam trains which first saw service in 1923, was passing through on its way to London.

Quick as a flash, she got the mobile phone out and was able to capture this image as the express steamed through the station.

Version 2

Not a bad effort with the minimal notice that she was afforded.

Apparently FS will be back on the same rails on 1st June – I may just go prepared!

Meanwhile click on this LINK for an amusing recent story about the Flying Scotsman being photobombed by a Virgin train.




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  1. I saw the Flying Scotsman in York at the railroad museum, a beautiful train

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