Overseas Train Journeys

So far I have made 191 journeys from train stations outside of the UK (not including those from airports or short suburban journeys such as Paris to Versailles or Amsterdam to Ajax Football Stadium).

I have wracked my brains and noted them all down on my new blog page


Bar Train Station, Montenegro

I have created a new blog page showing all the journeys (Train Journeys Abroad) the first of which was in 1987.

I will be continuing the train theme over the next few weeks by blogging about some of my most memorable journeys, whilst of course you can read about my Eastern European journeys by downloading my book.


View from the train window, Eastern Turkey


  1. I love to take trips by train – allows me to watch the scenery, and there is something relaxing about the sway of the train on the tracks.I look forward to reading more about your favorite journeys!

  2. I will look forward to these post in your new blog. I’ve taken trains in 13 countries, but not nearly that many trips.


    1. Train journeys are so much more pleasurable and memorable than those by plane or bus don’t you think?

  3. Good picture from the Turkish train!

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