A-Z April Challenge – Xeter

OK I admit it. I have cheated. Having only ever been to Guangzhou in China and never having yet ventured to Mexico I was really scuppered in my pursuit of a place I have been to beginning with X.

I therefore give you Exeter, which at least sounds like it begins with X. Exeter is the county town of Devon situated on the River Exe and a stone’s throw from the places I lived in whilst growing up in the ’70s and the majority of my working career in the ’80s & ’90s.

My greatest affinity with Exeter these days is through following Exeter City FC in their largely unsuccessful but always entertaining existence.

I would urge anybody reading this to pay the city a visit. If it hadn’t been for The Blitz it would rival Bath, Chester or York as perhaps the best preserved Roman city in England. Some of the old Roman walls remain as do the eerie catacombs.

The biggest draw nowadays is the majestic Exeter Cathedral completed in around 1400. the vaulted ceilings are magnificent and if you get the chance to hear a classical concert there you will be amazed by the acoustics.

One other tip if you do visit – the city gives free themed guided tours. They are all brilliant as I can vouch for having done half a dozen myself.

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  1. I think the poor lowly *X* has been badly treated. It can stand perfectly well on its own without the support of the overambitious *E*.
    … so I applaud your move to give *X* its due and rename the city Xeter 🙂

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