A-Z April Challenge – Qal’at Najm

During our stay in wonderful Aleppo in 2009 we hired a taxi driver to take us northwards to two castles named Qal’at Ja’bar and Qal’at Najm. OK I am cheating somewhat as the word qal’at means castle in Arabic, but having never been to Quebec or Queensferry I was struggling somewhat for a place I have visited beginning with Q.

The long journey was well worth it as both castles looked majestic framed by blue skies and the beautiful azure waters of Lake Assad the Euphrates River respectively.


Qal’at Ja’bar


Qal’at Najm

We happily clambered around both fortifications with my mate Hamish posing for some pretty hair-raising shots!


I was just happy to climb on and off the boat that we boarded for a tour around the base of Ja’bar with no mishaps.

We returned happy from our seven hour trip and made our driver’s day with a decent tip as he had looked after us so well (he had also taken us to St Simeon’s Monastery the day before).


St Simeon’s Monastery

I often wonder about how he has fared in recent years…….

DSC00638 (2)



  1. Sadly, that close to Aleppo, it probably is not a safe place these days.


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    1. Sadly true now but I am sure it will recover, it is after all over 3,000 years old….

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  2. I wonder if they all still are standing…So sad to see the destruction in Syria, I visited twice, loved it… thanks for sharing.

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    1. I really hope so. Aleppo was my favourite city ever visited. Very sad.

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