A-Z April Challenge – Narvik

I have taken a train holiday twice in Scandinavia in 1989 & 92 and each time I journeyed from Trondheim to Narvik. This is my favourite ever journey, which I hope to do one more time. You can read about the journey by clicking this link.


As well as being astoundingly beautiful, Norway is hellishly expensive for visitors. Back in 89 when my travel companion Poll and I were financially challenged, we trained it in Denmark, Sweden and then Norway living mainly on biscuits, coffee and the odd youth hostel breakfast.

By the time we reached Narvik high up inside the Arctic Circle we were pretty hungry and hankering for a decent meal. The wooden youth hostel we stayed in had self-catering facilities, so we decided we would go to the supermarket for something to cook.

Even in the shop, the prices were over three times what we would expect to pay in the UK and as neither of us was a dab hand in the culinary stakes we settled on a packet of fishfingers, a tin of baked beans and a loaf of bread. This came to about £10, a price equivalent to two night’s hostel accommodation.

This now ranks as one of my best meals ever, devoured in joyous haste. Sometimes the simple things in life are priceless………

What was your best ever meal on your travels and why?


  1. Best ever meal on a trip was from 20 years ago in Hallstatt Germany. We had just finished our undergraduate studies and convinced my parents to travel in Europe with us for a few weeks. The idea was, we’d travel with no plans and see where the spirit led. One afternoon, we thought the spirit was leading to Hallstatt, but we didn’t realize that the last train arrived across the lake AFTER the last ferry left for Hallstatt. A kind person called us a cab, and it was quite late by the time we actually arrived in our target destination…with no reservations. Only Gasthof Simony had a light on, but everyone had tucked in for the evening. The hostess was most gracious despite the late hour, gave us two rooms, and asked if we had eaten dinner. Food! We ended up being given a table in the great room where there was clearly a private party going on, and were served the most delicious fish from the lake and Venison goulash. Extreme hunger, and the over-the-top kindness of a stranger when we needed it most, made this stop one of the most memorable meals of our life.

    1. Sounds fabulous and such hospitality. These kinds of memories are the best, when something unexpected and nice happens. It is quite rare making it that more special when it happens. We once got delayed until the early hours and checked into our hotel in Tallinn at 3am. We were delighted when they said there was food available, less so when we found out it was Pringles and nuts!

  2. I went to Norway once to Haugesund on Ryanair £10 fares. Cheap air travel but astronomical costs once there!

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