A-Z April Challenge – Dalat

In ’98 my mate Hamish and I visited Vietnam starting in Ho Chi Minh City and making our way to Hanoi.

Our first leg northwards from HCMC took us to the small city of Dalat………..

When we booked our November trip we of course had no idea that it would coincide with Vietnam’s worst ever flooding (more of that later in the A-Z). Our Dalat experience was a damp one as it rained pretty much non-stop.

Despite this we booked a tour of the region that promised a dozen unforgettable attractions. The fact that I have forgotten most of them pretty much sums up the experience. It mainly consisted of visiting nondescript villages and peering out of rain covered minibus windows at ‘beautiful countryside’ (OK, it was pretty nice but spirits were a little damp!).

img165 copy

The last stop promised to be the highlight, a visit to Chicken Village. What would this be? A village where hundreds of chickens roamed the streets freely? A village where all of the region’s cowards were sent to live? A village where the local sport was driving your horse and cart head on towards another horse and cart with the winner being the one that refused to yield?

None of these in fact. The reason the place was called Chicken Village was that at its entrance they had a concrete statue of a four metre high chicken! The reason for this monstrosity escapes me now, a fascinating fact long since discarded as useless trivia.



  1. I have traveled the length of Vietnam (Cam Doc to the Chinese border) but from Saigon to Hanoi and the border was on rail and missed Dalat. It is a wonderful country! I like your A-Z Challenge


  2. I was born in the year of the rooster and have a brass rooster like the one in your photo, only smaller. I have traveled through Vietnam, but didn’t make it to Dalat (I took the train from Saigon to Hanoi with stops in DaNang and Hue) and the the train on to Europe. I like your A-Z challenge!

  3. Lol unusual but I think I quite like it!

    Mars xx
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