Easter Sunday Photo

Easter was traditionally a time of year that I travelled. With the double bank holiday I was able to take a ten day break and only use up four days of annual leave if combined with weekends.

I have done so in the likes of Egypt, India, Morocco, Lebanon & Jordan in addition to plenty of long weekends in Europe.

My picture today has nothing to do with Easter as it was taken during the Easter break on a trip to Morocco.

It is of a spice shop in Marrakesh and you will recognise it as my banner photo on this website. It must be quite a job to maintain the spices in such perfect shape – I can only presume that it never gets too windy in that location!

Morocco 114


  1. Your presentation photo has always been one of my faves ….
    Happy Easter !

  2. I too was intrigued by the spice displays in Morocco. In January in Essaouira I took a closer look and could see that some of them were a sort of cardboard cone with a coating of spice stuck on it presumably with some sort of glue. We bought some spices back and it would be impossible to get them to stand to attention like that in the kitchen with or without a wind!

    1. Cunning! You have shattered my illusion!

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