Friday Photo – 14

Today’s photo is another of my favourite European views. It is taken from the Hohensalzburg Fortress unsurprisingly in Salzburg.


You can see the River Salzach twisting towards the hills that were once alive with the sound of music!


  1. Great fortress. Did you get the story about the painted cow?

    1. The sound of music green one? Presumed I was just to advertise the tours.

      1. During a siege in 1525 the defenders of the fortress allegedly painted and repainted a cow in different colours every day to try and fool the attackers into believing that they were well supplied! A likely story…
        And I took exactly the same picture as you…

  2. Love this view – have been lucky enough to go here a couple of times. Great view all round from the top of the fortress!

    1. Will you admit to doing the Sound of Music tour?

      1. Actually we didn’t do that tour so I can’t admit to it! We did go to the Mirabell Gardens though!

      2. Haha – we saw fans of the film skipping up and down the steps and dancing around the Pegasus fountain and the statues. I quite like the film, but not that much!

      3. Yes I’ve seen the film a few times but there were other priorities and we were only there a couple of days on the first trip and a day trip on the second. Didn’t dance round the fountain or statues either! Apparently the film wasn’t popular in Austria!

  3. That is Geissberg in the background I think – I watched the total eclipse in the late 90s from there

  4. This splendid photo tells me so much!

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