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I was recently interviewed by our town magazine regarding the books that I have had published – here is the transcript in full…..


As the article states, I am part way through my first novel and will soon start looking for a publisher.

I am also looking to start up a publishing club in South London with my good friend Gregory Edwards, who has several books published on Smashwords & Apple Books. His books regaling his fascination with Art Deco and some fun poems that he illustrated himself are well worth a download.

The publishing club is provisionally called CRABS (CReative Authors & Bloggers) and our aim is to share ideas, test out our efforts on each other and create a publishing co-operative under which we intend to publish.

If you or any of your friends live South of the River and are serious about publishing and fancy meeting up with like-minded individuals, I would be delighted to hear from you.


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