Friday Photo – 11

When I first visited Budapest in September 1992 I didn’t much care for the place.

The Danube was far from blue and I found the city centre traffic a bit much, so much so that I hot-footed to Prague at the earliest opportunity.

When I returned with Mrs Wilbur in the winter c.2005 this all changed. We had a brilliant time and I quickly realised that it was the time of year that made all the difference.

This photo of the Parliament Building was taken on the second trip.

budapest 021




  1. In my opinion Budapest knocks spots off Prague even without a Blue Danube!

    1. Prague has got under my skin but now I am afraid to go back due to the stag culture and the uber popularity. When I first visited you had to book accommodation through the state agency and food was rationed. There were hardly any tourists and I loved it. Last time I went it was very crowded with tour groups and stag and hen parties, plus prices had of course gone up. I fear I may have to keep my memories rather than return.

      1. That is a good idea. I went in 2008 and I found it rather rowdy. Stag parties have a lot to answer for. I went to Riga in 2005 and returned every year until 2009 by which time the night time scene was under siege and prices had rocketed. I went to Budapest in 2014 and didn’t any marauding Brits at all!

      2. I have just booked two nights in Riga – hopefully too cold for the staggies!

      3. Where there is no sense there is no feeling! I look forward to reading all about it!

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