Athens Re-visited

Always a pleasure to visit the Greek capital. Now at the airport with time to share a few pictures…….



  1. […] In late 2014 I went to the marvellous Acropolis Museum at the foot of the Ancient Acropolis in Athens whilst in January 2016 I paid a visit to the Acropolis itself to get the perspective of what I had read about. You can read my account and see some photos from these visits by clicking MUSEUM and ACROPOLIS. […]

  2. One of my favourites – thanks for the memory nudge.

  3. Superb views…

  4. I love Athens in spite of some of the modern architecture

    1. modern architecture – the scourge of many a city and especially London.

      1. Ah, this is certainly true. But I did not really mean big project buildings; I meant poorly constructed apartment blocks etc.

      2. But you are right about london too

      3. The walk from Athens to Eleusis is especially ‘un-mystical’ these days

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