Friday Photo – 7

This photograph was taken in Minsk in 2013.

Although Communism has officially ceased in the former Soviets, the attitudes still remain, especially in the older generation.

This was never more apparent than when we visited the capital of Belarus where we encountered some of the most unfriendly people ever on our trips, especially in the likes of tourist information, the theatre booking office and the post office.

Just in case you need monumental reminders of former regimes, the huge KGB building dominates one of Minsk’s main streets, whilst the huge statue of Lenin presides over Independence Square and can be seen from quite a distance in several directions.




  1. Is it still there Wilbur? Lenin seems to have disappeared from most places!


    1. I did read that one had come down in Minsk but it was inconclusive as to whether it was this one.


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