Michael Palin

Today I had the honour of meeting one of my heroes, the charming and unassuming MP.

He signed my copy of his book ‘New Europe’ and gratefully/gracefully accepted a copy of my book, which features many of the countries that he went to for his.

I was typically tongue-tied in the presence of such greatness – he told me he was off to Antarctica soon and that he had been before, to which I replied like a dimwit “have you?” Doh, his second travel programme was called Pole to Pole!

Not only are his travel programmes and books brilliant, but I am also a huge fan of Monty Python & Ripping Yarns.

Marvellous man!


Meeting My Game, Set & Match!



  1. Wow, you’re truly privileged, Wilbur. Michael Palin is my top hero, without him our awareness of important things that matter and knowledge would be so much poorer.

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    1. He is indeed very sympathetic and understanding of every country he visits. New Europe was an excellent series, as he states in his book in the mid 90s his trip would have been 10 countries but when he travelled there it was 20 countries. Around the World in 80 days is my favourite.

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      1. He does amazing things


  2. A national treasure that’s for sure!

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