A Royal Welcome At Queen Hotel Chester

The Queen is not your standard Best Western. Built in 1860 to serve first class passengers using the adjacent railway, the hotel still has many of the original features and a whole lot more besides….

From the moment you enter through the revolving door, you realise you are somewhere different….

The Tatty Cases Of 1st Class Passengers – Sadly Lord Melbury’s Isn’t There!

I was proudly given all the historical details by the lovely receptionist who clearly was enthusiastic about working there.

As well as much of the original fittings, the hotel was stuffed full of memorabilia – it was like an extremely wealthy mad aunt had decided to go on a world trip and had every object she took a liking to on her travels shipped back and plonked somewhere within the building!


The rooms were not too shabby either, although after five pints of Cheshire Cat I would have slept pretty much anywhere!


Apparently the town crier pub just over the road from the Queen was once the hotel where the 2nd & 3rd class passengers stayed……

All in all a very memorable stay, all for less than £100 and pet friendly too. I will be back……..


  1. I shared my post with the hotel and am informed that the ‘wealthy mad aunt’ was in fact the hotel’s ex-chairman who did indeed travel the world and ship back the interesting objects that he found….

  2. I am afraid that I have to say that I am always put off by hotels that are pet friendly. I really don’t want to stay in a bedroom the night after a dog has slept on the bed!

    1. We take a sheet for ours to lie on, but know what you mean! Probably best not to know what previous inhabitants did in your room all round!

      1. That is a good point. I sometimes take my grandchildren to the Premier Inn to do their worst!
        Seriously though and I mean no offence, I don’t think hotels should allow animals in bedrooms. It is worse than smoking!

      2. The majority don’t allow which is good as unless we had ours with us we would prefer a non-doggy one!

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