Kotor, Montenegro

Lonely Planet has just proclaimed Kotor as the number one worldwide city must see in 2016.

I visited in 2007 and indeed can vouch for the fact that the place is amazing. Probably the most convenient way to visit is to fly to Dubrovnik in Croatia and then take a bus ride of around a couple of hours along the picturesque Dalmatian Coast.

You can read more about my journey there from Albania and onto Croatia in my book ‘On The Beaten Track’.

In the meantime, to celebrate Kotor’s number one status, I am posting a few pictures from September 2007.


Montenegro has the added convenience of using € as its main currency and is also home to what I consider the finest dark beer in the world……



  1. Sounds like it could get a bit busy! It’s a stunning spot and it’s such a shame when these are ‘discovered’. Have to admit, it’s been on my list for quite a while too 🙂 Happy travels, Wilbur!

  2. Lovely photos, makes me want to visit!

  3. I’d love to make it to Kotor! I’ve seen many lovely pictures, yours included! #MondayEscapes

  4. Love the photos. I keep reading about Kotor and it always sounds amazing, would love to visit. #mondayescapes

  5. I really don’t know anything about Montenegro (except what I learnt from Bond). Looks lovely tho….

  6. Wow – stunning pics!

    1. Thanks – the beauty of the place made it hard to take a bad shot to be honest! The secret is out now!

  7. I liked Kotor but I had to share my afternoon there with about 4,000 people from a cruise ship!

    1. Timing is everything! Happened to us in Dubrovnik and Split.

      1. It happens to everyone in Dubrovnik! Also Santorini!

      2. Ah Santorini! We took a leisurely cable car ride down to the port to sit for a nice relaxing drink, intending to saunter back up after an hour or two. Then came the tender boats, then some more and then some more.

        Suddenly the queue for the cable car was an hour long and donkeys strained under the weight of overweight Americans in shorts!

        Not a pretty sight!

      3. A long walk then?

      4. A leisurely lunch and cable car back three hours later than intended!

  8. Where can I get a paper copy of your book, Will? I think I’d like it…

    1. You can get it from Amazon or Lulu – the link is on my site. Thanks for your interest and I do hope you enjoy it if you do take the plunge. Will.

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