Sadly the predictions have come true. I am deeply saddened by it, yet another blow to a wonderful nation.


  1. Thank you, Wilbur, for preserving these bits of culture in some manner. Yes, the human lives being destroyed matter, but the hatred of history and culture to such a degree is childish and frightening.

    1. I think that although we of course all care about the human tragedy, we have somehow conditioned ourselves to be somewhat immune to it such is the regularity of such occurrences around the world. However, when something so ancient and irreplaceable is lost forever, this resonates more with our sense of loss and disbelief. It is a topsy turvy world without rational reason we live in sometimes.

  2. You were lucky to see it. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time ancient monuments have been destroyed and it certainly won’t be the last!

    1. Sadly very true. The destruction of nature is also appalling and often government backed.

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos, Wilbur. I never know when I can see the beauty of Palmyra. War destroys everything.. Everything…

    1. And achieves nothing……

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