Shaun Sheep Bristol Fashion

Today marks the launch of Shaun in the City in the wonderful setting of Bristol in a fundraising effort to raise money for children’s hospitals. There will be 70 Shauns scattered about the city from today until the end of August. This follows the highly popular Shaun trail in London during April & May – click LONDON FLOCK to see my pictures of 50 Shauns in their capital settings.


Shauns At Home In Their Barn Before Moving To Bristol

Since 1972 Bristol has been the home of the Nick Park production company Aardman Animations, who are responsible for the brilliant Wallace & Gromit animations that included Shaun the Sheep in some of their productions. Shaun of course is now a died in the wool film star in his own right having served his bit part apprenticeship.


Some Shauns In Front Of Bristol’s Famous Clifton Suspension Bridge

For full details of the trail click on BRISTOL FLOCK. Hopefully I will get to photograph some in August.


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