I Don’t Like Mondays……..

……..especially the grey kind experienced this morning. People even grumpier on the train, dodging umbrellas on the way to and from the station and a whole week of commuting ahead.

Today hive ever was slightly different thanks to Kipling (of handbag fame not pies) who brightened up the windswept crossing across London Bridge. For today, the thousands of marching feet walked along a multi-coloured carpet, with cheery young people wishing us good morning and handing out flowers.

Typically, some commuters ignored the well-wishers, some grunted a response, whilst others (like me gladly) gave an enthusiastic reply. 

It is all part of the SparkYourCity campaign that will be featured on fifty cities worldwide and aims to bring a little colour into the drudgery of the daily grind. Click on BrightSparks for more details.

Thank you Kipling for making the morning a little more interesting than normal!


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